We Participate

Earlier this year I attended the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. Among all of the technical presentations and data and facts, one of the most memorable quotes came from a training session about training. The presenter was Chris Liban. The quote in my memory was, “We are not surprised because we participate.” Mr. Liban[…]

Incommunicado… kind of

A few of you noticed my absence here recently while others saw way too much of me. The last three last three months have been tough as obligations,  commitments, and opportunities came calling all at once. Projects, training, speaking, learning, meeting, leading, following, contributing, serving, teaching, and working. I decided to give up a few favorite, but discretionary things for a[…]

Ditches of the United States

Recently, EPA gave a pre-release notice of its and the Corps of Engineers’ intent to further define and clarify Waters of the United States under the Clean Water Act.  Some see the decision as necessary and helpful, others see it as a land grab.  I personally find it humorous (and a bit sad) to see[…]