collaborative vision

Collaborative Vision

I have shared with you before a definition of collaboration created by the Collaborative Environmental Network of Alabama – choosing to explore solutions together. The definition works for our mission and reflects the experiences of our working group. This definition asks, what answers can we find together? Collaborative vision asks the question, what can we create[…]

A Naturalist Goes Fishing

I want to share something here that I am very proud of. For those of you who may have followed this particular effort and understand the work that got us here, I think you’ll understand my excitement. A couple of friends gave me a gift the other day. It was a signed copy of a new[…]


We have a local event here called the Coosa River Challenge. It is an endurance race that includes trail running, mountain biking, orienteering, rock climbing, rappelling, paddling, cross-fit, swimming, and several other crazy obstacles and challenges that the “Sadistic Race Planner” dreams up every year. The race happens in early October and I have competed[…]

Laudator Temporis Acti

The great philosopher Billy Joel once said, the good ole days weren’t always good, and tomorrow aint as bad as it seems. I am quite fond of the quote and have reached back to it for the last 25 years or so.(1) The Latin term for the anitithesis of one who subscribes to Billy Joel’s[…]

Turbidity Curtain (Floating Basin Boom)

I was recently asked to weigh in on regulatory requirements and the use of turbidity curtains or floating basin boom. I passed along the following –   A few observations related to experience with turbidity curtains over the last 20 years or so… • Turbidity curtains can keep turbid water separated from clear water under appropriate conditions. • Turbidity curtains[…]

“Too thick to drink, too thin to plow.”

That’s how 19th century settlers described the water flowing in the Colorado River as it made it’s way through the desert and canyons of the Southwest. The Colorado is easily one of the siltiest rivers in the world. Prior to the building of Glen Canyon Dam in 1963 over a half a million tons of[…]

Stormwater in the Mainstream November 2014

I hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. Foremost in the mainstream news this month was the ending of the comment period for a proposal aimed at clarifying the definition of Waters of the US.  The mainstream news was a bit disappointing in relaying the facts.  But then again, so were the most vocal[…]

Stormwater in the Mainstream August 2014

Earlier this month the mainstream and citizens of Toledo were introduced to one significant potential harm regarding stormwater runoff – green algae. While the Toledo Mayor said the wake-up call was similar to that of a terrorist attack, a State Senator is leaning on a fertilizer management bill that should take effect at the end of 2017 according[…]

Cheetahs and Hippos

Imagine the cheetahs in our profession. They are a new breed. They possess a sense of urgency. They are generally no-nonsense and understanding of purpose and accountability. They don’t wait for government to do things for them. Water quality and the goals of the Clean Water Act cannot wait on bureaucracy. Advancement of our profession[…]


Having lovers and friends is all good and fine, but I don’t like yours and you don’t like mine. – Eric Clapton The last post, Whole Brained was based on material from a presentation I delivered recently titled The Art of Managing Construction Stormwater. During the presentation, I made the case that we sometimes are too confident in[…]