Muddy Mess

Stormwater in the Mainstream: Commentary

A random stormwater headline grabbed me last week. I decided to analyze it from a long way off in terms of geography and detailed knowledge of the circumstances. The story comes to us from KSHB, Channel 41 in Kansas City, Missouri. The reporter, Ali Hoxie, can be reached at Please take 2 minutes (plus a few seconds[…]

collaborative vision

Collaborative Vision

I have shared with you before a definition of collaboration created by the Collaborative Environmental Network of Alabama – choosing to explore solutions together. The definition works for our mission and reflects the experiences of our working group. This definition asks, what answers can we find together? Collaborative vision asks the question, what can we create[…]



This week I participated in the inaugural Alabama Stormwater Symposium in Auburn, Alabama (I don’t think it’s proper to say first annual, but I do want to be sure to convey that this event should happen every year from now on). Congratulations to Dr. Eve Brantley, Dr. Thorsten Knappenberge, and to their team of partners and[…]


Client Commitment Exchange

An understanding and commitment between stormwater professionals and their clients could be fairly straightforward. Here’s a set that clarifies our expectations. What you (the client) might expect from me (the professional): An understanding that you have a brand. I’ll know it, I’ll respect it, and I’ll promote it. (I can also help you to define it, if[…]

Atlanta SW park

Growth and Stormwater

A Tennessee bill to limit stormwater runoff regulations caught my attention recently. I am ill-equipped to provide much comment on the specifics, but just reading some of the rationale and quotes caused me to think. I have seen similar proposals in other states, including my own. Unfortunately, one of the real drivers of Stormwater awareness[…]

Small Footprint

Two Quotes

I’d like to share two remarkable quotes from this week. The first was written by a regulatory inspector on his inspection report. He was simply making an observation and likely doesn’t have a clue that anyone would be impressed by his mention. His note was simply, “Creative BMP design and implementation appeared to be very effective.” […]