Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose

We often complain about disengaged, disconnected employees, contractors, and designers.  We wonder how to best motivate them. I recently read the book, Drive by Daniel Pink.  The subtitle of the book is, the surprising truth about what motivates us.  I like Daniel Pink.  I have listened to several interviews and lectures he has given on various[…]

Educational Opportunities (free webinar, etc.)

The world of construction stormwater is changing and techniques for effectively manging construction stormwater runoff are getting better every day.  We know that if we aren’t paying attention and not intentionally improving, we could easily be left behind.  Or worse, we could unnecessarily risk our client or employer’s time, money and reputation.  Or, we could miss out on opportunities[…]

Without Rain

If we didn’t have rain there would be no construction stormwater discharge; there would be no erosion; there would be no sediment to worry about,with few exceptions.  Without rain there is no need for sediment basins, silt fence or rolled erosion control products.  Without rain, the construction stormwater professional is without problems (but also likely without a job). Rain matters.  Or[…]

Ditch Checks Using Silt Fence

If asked whether or not using silt fence is proper for a ditch check application, most stormwater professionals will look down their noses at you and say without a doubt that silt fence is not for this application and mutter something about concentrated flows.  However, if pressed, the professional will ultimately relent and tell you that[…]

Proper Silt Fence Ditch Check

  Properly Installed Silt Fence Ditch Check Using the term proper for any ditch check application is risky.  Since you do not know the specifics of the pictured installation, I will attest that the expected runoff velocities and volumes could not be more perfect for the selected materials and installation shown.  In addition to the[…]

Short Silt Fence Ditch Check

Ditch check configuartion is as important as the selected materials. Nonwoven, wirebacked silt fence is actually fine for the pictured application and expected runoff volumes. But if this fence is to be an effective check, the ground elevation at the ends of the fence should be as close to the elevation of the top of[…]