Guidelines, Goals and Standards

The often vague or unclear nature of construction stormwater regulation can be frustrating.  We want to be compliant and secure in our efforts, but it can be very difficult to define compliance. Effluent Limitation Guidelines offer an example.  If they are guidelines, why are they enforced as law?  If they are regulatory, why are they called guidelines?  Every state[…]

Educational Opportunities (free webinar, etc.)

The world of construction stormwater is changing and techniques for effectively manging construction stormwater runoff are getting better every day.  We know that if we aren’t paying attention and not intentionally improving, we could easily be left behind.  Or worse, we could unnecessarily risk our client or employer’s time, money and reputation.  Or, we could miss out on opportunities[…]

THE most effective erosion control BMP.

Limiting disturbance is the single most effective erosion control practice we have available.  In many cases nature has provided the most effective material for minimizing erosion – existing vegetation.  For free!  And by simply preserving this resource, we can save ourselves the money, time and risk inherent to long term temporary sediment control.  If there is[…]

Alabama CPESC Discussion Regarding ESC Design Credentials

Below are exerpts from email correspondence among Alabama CPESCs in regards to ESC design and recognized credentials.  The correspondence triggered the resurection and official roll out of the Forum.  Feel free to weigh in by commenting here or by posting on the Forum. From Clay – Many times we see CBMPP Plans that are[…]