Small Footprint

Two Quotes

I’d like to share two remarkable quotes from this week. The first was written by a regulatory inspector on his inspection report. He was simply making an observation and likely doesn’t have a clue that anyone would be impressed by his mention. His note was simply, “Creative BMP design and implementation appeared to be very effective.” […]

The Paradox of Compliance

Frequently, it is regulatory compliance, or more specifically, regulatory enforcement, that brings environmental awareness to a company or organization. Some of the best programs and hardest working companies got their environmental start with a good old-fashioned regulatory spanking. Many see increased regulation and enforcement as the only real solution to environmental restoration. This is unfortunate, but the stick is obviously[…]

If it’s not on paper, it didn’t happen.

A few weeks ago I attended a conference where a panel of state and federal regulators provided updates on MS4 programs in a few states. The theme appeared to be a state-of-each-state, sharing current progress and current challenges of each state’s MS4 program. Paperwork, including forms, annual reports, permits, modification documentation (“many are changing their programs without permission”)[…]

Whiny Happy People…

We are a whiny bunch.  We whine, our kids whine. Taxpayers whine, non-taxpayers whine.  Politicians whine.  We’ve set new standards for dodging accountability and deflecting responsibility.  Congress is so good at whining, they can even get us to rally behind them as they criticize and grandstand over laws that they created themselves.   We see it on[…]

Clean Water In, Clean Water Out

It’s not our responsibility to clean up someone else’s water. It is our responsibility to preserve the quality of waters coming to us and through us as they move across our property or activity.  If it’s clean coming in, it should be clean going out.  If it’s dirty coming in, it should not be dirtier after our[…]

What’s the Point?

It’s been off and on for me in the past, but recently the question of what we’re really trying to achieve has been front and center.  I am struggling on one particular project with exactly what our water quality goals should be.  We’re trying to find a balance between checking the box and going overboard to simply make[…]