Stormwater People

Elwood Blues to Bob’s Country Bunker waitress, Claire: “What kind of music do you usually have here?” Claire: “Oh, we got both kinds.  We got country and western.”   Well, here at, we got both kinds of stormwater – construction and post-construction. As we begin to see beyond regulation and mere compliance, and we start looking at why[…]

Where Have All the Civil Engineers Gone…

… was a question posed to the LinkedIn Stormwater Solutions group last week.   The author, Matt Barcus was wondering where civil engineers go when there is no engineering work available.  Rather than highjack the intent of the thread I decided to write this post. Matt’s question touched a nerve.  I am genuinely bothered that civil[…]

Moving The Compliance Point

Leadership author Dr. John Maxwell says that two of the most difficult things to teach employees are; to think, and to do things in odrer of importance.  There is not much more important to our work than the quality of our discharge at the outfall.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could choose the topography of[…]

Talk Reveals Culture

Are you an “Erosion Control” contractor, inspector or professional?  Do you design, enforce or review “erosion control” plans?  Is your stormwater program an integrated part of your planning and design process or is it an afterthought?  Do your employees know that their objective is to protect water quality, or do they still think they’re being[…]

Educational Opportunities (free webinar, etc.)

The world of construction stormwater is changing and techniques for effectively manging construction stormwater runoff are getting better every day.  We know that if we aren’t paying attention and not intentionally improving, we could easily be left behind.  Or worse, we could unnecessarily risk our client or employer’s time, money and reputation.  Or, we could miss out on opportunities[…]

Without Rain

If we didn’t have rain there would be no construction stormwater discharge; there would be no erosion; there would be no sediment to worry about,with few exceptions.  Without rain there is no need for sediment basins, silt fence or rolled erosion control products.  Without rain, the construction stormwater professional is without problems (but also likely without a job). Rain matters.  Or[…]


I recently attended a regional stormwater summit in Spanish Fort Alabama.  Some pretty complex issues regarding regulation, financing and incentives were discussed.  Apparently the deep conversation put my stormwater thinking juices into overdrive. On my way home I passed the scene in the above photo and just had to see what was going on.  I[…]