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Green Infrastructure Alabama Road-Tripping

I recently completed a training tour bringing a greater awareness and deeper understanding of green infrastructure in my home state of Alabama (seminar description). Anthony Kendrick of Construction EcoServices shared the main stage with me. I focused on the why and big picture elements associated with planning, design, and implementation. Anthony tapped into his broad experience and base[…]


Managing Stormwater in an Arid Climate – 5 Takeaways

I spent some of last week with the Nevada DOT Stormwater Team – what a good bunch of folks. I delivered a 2-day workshop on post-construction stormwater. The workshop included a field trip to Reno visiting implemented green infrastructure, a stormwater panel discussion featuring perspectives of design, construction, and maintenance leaders, and plenty of great discussion. I[…]


Green Infrastructure Defined

I was self-challenged recently to describe the term Green Infrastructure with clarity and brevity – in a way I haven’t seen yet. The task was more difficult than I thought it should be. If you would like to take a shot before reading further, go ahead. We’ll wait. The elevator pitch doesn’t come easily, does it?[…]



This week I participated in the inaugural Alabama Stormwater Symposium in Auburn, Alabama (I don’t think it’s proper to say first annual, but I do want to be sure to convey that this event should happen every year from now on). Congratulations to Dr. Eve Brantley, Dr. Thorsten Knappenberge, and to their team of partners and[…]

Seeing Stormwater from a Different Grid

Accepting Bob’s invitation from last week, I decided to submit an abstract for the 2015 International LID Conference to be held in Houston next January.  This is shaping up to be an excellent learning opportunity and being selected as a speaker might just be the nudge I need for travel approval.  Since the abstract is[…]

Stormwater People

Elwood Blues to Bob’s Country Bunker waitress, Claire: “What kind of music do you usually have here?” Claire: “Oh, we got both kinds.  We got country and western.”   Well, here at, we got both kinds of stormwater – construction and post-construction. As we begin to see beyond regulation and mere compliance, and we start looking at why[…]

LID and GI – What’s the Difference?

Every time I think I know the difference, I read something or hear something that contradicts my understanding.  I’m beginning to think that there is no difference and that’s why we always see Low Impact Development and Green Infrastructure written together as “LID/GI.” I think I have a decent handle on LID (please correct me if I’m[…]