The Clean Water Rule

I am still somewhat fascinated by the political nature of filed lawsuits and general fury caused by the new rule defining waters of the United States. A final draft was added to the Federal Register on June 29, 2015. The rule will be effective on August 28, 2015 unless one of the suits changes that.[…]


Collaboration – working with others to create something. Communication and relationship building are essential elements of a successful project.  They are critical to a stormwater program and to life.  But they aren’t enough. General George S. Patton is credited with saying, a good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan next week.  Steve[…]

Stormwater People

Elwood Blues to Bob’s Country Bunker waitress, Claire: “What kind of music do you usually have here?” Claire: “Oh, we got both kinds.  We got country and western.”   Well, here at, we got both kinds of stormwater – construction and post-construction. As we begin to see beyond regulation and mere compliance, and we start looking at why[…]

LID and GI – What’s the Difference?

Every time I think I know the difference, I read something or hear something that contradicts my understanding.  I’m beginning to think that there is no difference and that’s why we always see Low Impact Development and Green Infrastructure written together as “LID/GI.” I think I have a decent handle on LID (please correct me if I’m[…]