Regulator Magnets – INLETS

          Inlets represent the location of our last line of defense.  Many times they serve as a gateway or direct conduit to receiving waters. They are essentially your discharge point.   The quality of runoff entering inlets can often be directly tied to regulatory compliance.  Therefore, regulators love ’em. 1) Sediment control alone[…]

Without Rain

If we didn’t have rain there would be no construction stormwater discharge; there would be no erosion; there would be no sediment to worry about,with few exceptions.  Without rain there is no need for sediment basins, silt fence or rolled erosion control products.  Without rain, the construction stormwater professional is without problems (but also likely without a job). Rain matters.  Or[…]

Ditch Checks Using Hay Bales

  What?  Ditch checks using hay bales?  Haven’t we evolved a bit from this practice?  Haven’t you read the latest trade magazines that have completely abandoned the practice in favor of more costly and profitable manufactured products? Well meaning salesfolks have not only convinced us that the wattle is supreme but also that the more expensive the[…]