This week I participated in the inaugural Alabama Stormwater Symposium in Auburn, Alabama (I don’t think it’s proper to say first annual, but I do want to be sure to convey that this event should happen every year from now on). Congratulations to Dr. Eve Brantley, Dr. Thorsten Knappenberge, and to their team of partners and[…]


Corporate Commitment – The First Ingredient of Success

This week’s post comes from Bill Robinson, Founder and President of Stormwater Risk Management, LLC and ComplianceWise Technologies, LLC in Denver, Colorado. Bill also serves as Treasurer of the Mountain States Chapter of IECA. Bill’s business model at SRM is reflects my own mission as he helps good people get better at managing stormwater – not doing the[…]

Small Footprint

Two Quotes

I’d like to share two remarkable quotes from this week. The first was written by a regulatory inspector on his inspection report. He was simply making an observation and likely doesn’t have a clue that anyone would be impressed by his mention. His note was simply, “Creative BMP design and implementation appeared to be very effective.” […]

Free Construction Stormwater Webinar

The AASHTO Center for Environmental Excellence and the Federal Highway Administration will be hosting a free webinar as a part of their Stormwater Community of Practice forum for DOTs. The webinar begins at 11:00 am Eastern on Thursday, January 28th. My part of the presentation will cover construction stormwater program effectiveness. Other DOT speakers include Rob Shreeve[…]

Testing and Iteration

Inspired by THIS Seth Godin blog post, I’m once again questioning some of the most beloved, promoted, and defended BMPs of our time. In the post, Godin tells us that the world is looking for people who are polishing things until they work. Are we stormwater professionals giving society what it expects? When was the[…]

Green Infrastructure: 10 Things Every Civil Engineer Should Know

I had the honor of being invited to be a part of the Auburn University Environmental and Water Resources Engineering seminar series this week. I spoke to a crowd of civil, environmental, and chemical engineers and faculty. I spoke in a room that I last stepped in over 21 years ago. I enjoyed the experience and[…]


I wanted to share a resource for construction stormwater professionals that has been valuable to my work. The Auburn University Erosion and Sediment Control Testing Facility (AU-ESCTF) started with a need, much thought, and a sketch. In the early 2000’s the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) recognized that most of the promoted and available BMPs and practice configurations[…]

Factor of Safety

  The phrase and concept of Factor of Safety is commonly applied in engineering. It describes the design capacity of a system beyond the actual forces the system is expected to experience. Consider a handrail at the edge of the Grand Canyon. The designer considers the expected loads. Not just a single average adult leaning on[…]

The Clean Water Rule

I am still somewhat fascinated by the political nature of filed lawsuits and general fury caused by the new rule defining waters of the United States. A final draft was added to the Federal Register on June 29, 2015. The rule will be effective on August 28, 2015 unless one of the suits changes that.[…]

’tis the season.

While in Atlanta recently, I was notified of the beginning of a strange season. The overhead message board said something about Smog Season beginning April 1st. I don’t think Hallmark is behind this particular shopping season because I didn’t feel compelled to buy candy or feel guilty about not sending a card to my mom. The timing of the marketing[…]