Client Commitment Exchange

An understanding and commitment between stormwater professionals and their clients could be fairly straightforward. Here’s a set that clarifies our expectations.

What you (the client) might expect from me (the professional):handshake

  • An understanding that you have a brand. I’ll know it, I’ll respect it, and I’ll promote it. (I can also help you to define it, if you haven’t already.)
  • An understanding that you need both short and long-term value from our exchange in order to fulfill your mission. I’ll seek the Trifecta (environmental benefit plus two other benefits directly related to your mission).
  • An acknowledgement that you are the hero. I am simply at your service as your guide.

What you (the client) should be willing to give to me (the professional) in return:

  • An understanding that I also have a brand. You will be ok with me saying no at times.
  • An understanding that I also need both short and long-term value from our exchange in order to fulfill my mission. You recognize the potential for greater opportunity in your favor, and you will take a personal interest in helping my business to survive and thrive.
  • An acknowledgement that you chose me. You will trust my commitment to you and you will give me a chance to help by using what led you to hire me.


Is there anything else? – we respect each other’s established image and reputation; we commit to help each other stay in business; and we’ll remember who works for whom. That should be enough to get started, right?